Programme 2022

January 18th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Following on from this year’s BFVS productions and in particular the Mini Epics
LEARNING LESSONS AND PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE – WHAT ARE WE DOING RIGHT AND WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO IMPROVE? All aspects – editing, post- production, planning and shooting.

Discuss the results of this year’s Mini Epics.

Experience / lessons learnt from the shoot.

The edit and sound – what did the editors think of the rushes?

Lessons for the future.

Special effects – how did those doing post-production find doing these?

But it is not just Mini Epic, all these lessons apply to Documentaries as well and to larger drama productions.

Taking the lessons into other, bigger productions. Amateurs often have to film against the clock with little or no time for rehearsal, even (or more so) on big productions. Both technical and on the artistic side.

February 1st 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church


Our first meeting in our new, much larger club room, will have two parts. Look round the large main, church, room, the anti-room, the kitchen / cafe area. Think out how we might use these great spaces for filming. Bring your camera to try out angles etc. The room has built in large monitor screens, if you think that you might in the future be showing films / presentations then please bring your lap top (and HDMI cable) to test out the system.

We will then start work on planning our first project of 2022 – to be filmed in the club room. This will include; scripting, storyboarding, planning the lighting etc.

February 15th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

AGM and Premiere

March 1st 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Hands-on Filmmaking

March 15th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Making a Costume film Drama and Drama/Documentary

April 5th 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Hands-on Filmmaking
This evening we will shoot a complete short film. A big crew needed. Very suitable for new and potential members.

April 26th 7.30 pm - by Zoom (Please note: One week later than usual)

The making of ‘Dream Rides’ and ‘The House’.

May 3rd 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Filming of ‘High Stakes’. We will shoot the short film we planned in February and March. Big crew needed – plenty to do.

May 17th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Audio Visual. How does it differ from filmmaking? How is it done.

Presentation by Jill Bunting.

June 7th 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Planning the 2022 Mini Epics. When we divide into groups to film short five minute (max) films in a set theme / subject / script. An excellent opportunity to work in a small film crew.

June 21st 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Editing – The Art of

July 5th 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

180 Minute Challenge This is when we start early at 6.30 pm and divide into small groups to shoot, edit and show the films all in the evening. A really challenging event that in the past, despite the constraints, has produced some great films.

July 19th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Works in progress, reports on both members films and club productions

August 2nd 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Hands on Filmmaking – Shooting a short film(s) – perhaps specifically using drone shots. Filming action eg. a fight etc?

August 16th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Editing skills, technical skills. Tips including dealing sound from different sources and non-synched.

September 6th 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Sound Recording. Practical demonstrations and experiments including how to record in difficult situations.

September 20th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Guest Speaker – Pip Critten : Using Stock Footage

October 4th 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Lighting demonstration. Including unorthodox methods, lighting difficult situations and people on the move.

October 18th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Competition Evening inc Annual Trophy

November 1st 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Experimenting with on-set effects etc

November 15th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Guest Speaker

December 6th 7.30 pm - St Andrews Church

Foley – An early Christmas fun evening
We get hands-on, squashing cabbages, coconut shells, crumpling plastic bags etc.
We will add sound effects to a film.

December 20th 7.30 pm - by Zoom

Grand Premiere of films shot this year